Student Assistance Program

Saint Clair Area School District SAP Team Members

Mr. McLaughlin
Mrs. Fetterolf
Mrs. Carr
Mrs. Turnitza
Ms. Ciccozzi
Mrs. Gasper
Mr. Gunoskey
Miss Moyer
Mrs. Kuperavage
Mrs. Trezise
Mrs. Fishburn

What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

Student Assistance Programs (SAP) have been operating in Pennsylvania since 1984 and are mandated by the state. SAP was originally intended to address student drug and alcohol issues but has evolved to include any problem that may interfere with the development of the child.

The Saint Clair Area School District is committed to academic excellence and to addressing the social and emotional needs of our young people. The school district recognizes that support systems must be available to assist any student troubled by physical, emotional, social, legal, sexual, medical, familial, or substance abuse problems.

The St. Clair Area Student Assistance Team began operating in the fall of 1989. Student Assistance training involves fifty hours of intense training in the areas of intervention, referral, and support techniques.

The student assistance team cooperates with the various human service agencies to identify students who may be having problems of one sort or another in school and to refer them for help.

Who refers the student to the SAP Team?

What about Confidentiality?

The team receives referrals from administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students. The program is a confidential relationship between students and core team members. The philosophy of the program is one of care and concern for students, friends, and family members.

Is the Student Assistance Program a treatment program?

Members of the team are trained to identify changes in performance and behavior. If it is determined that a problem exists, an appropriate referral is made.

Places to call for help:

(any agency that is underlined may be visited on the web by clicking on the name)

ReDco Group Behavioral Health Services: 570-628-5234 1-800-344-8094

Crisis Intervention/ A.C.C.E.S.S.

1-877-9we-help (570) 628-4731

Schuylkill Women in Crisis (SWIC): 622-6220 1-800-282-0634

Teen Line 622-6222 / 1-800-722-5385

Schuylkill Medical Center East: 621-4000

Schuylkill Medical Center South: 621-5000

Schuylkill Mountain Center: 1-888-462-9600 462-2688

Childline: 1-800-932-0313

Children and Youth Services of Schuylkill County: 1-800-722-8341 628-1050

The Schuylkill Wellness Center : 622-3980

Schuylkill County MH/MR: 621-2890

Drug and Alcohol Commission: 621-2890 1-800-665-5872

Big Brothers, Big Sister of Schuylkill County: (570)622-0174

Schuylkill Health Counseling Center (Good Sam) Substance Abuse Counseling (570)622-5898

Who can seek help?

Students who are experiencing personal problems associated with adolescence and school life.

Students whose use of alcohol and/or other substances is becoming a problem in any area of their lives.

Students who are concerned about a close friend or family member's use of alcohol and/or other substances.

When to seek help:

* Change in mood or behavior; loss of interest in regular activities.

* Lower grades; general lack of interest in school; truancy.

* Sudden weight loss or change in eating habits.

* Unable to concentrate or finish things.

* Feeling angry in general; defensive; elusive; withdrawn.

* Obvious change in friends.

* Secretiveness and dishonesty.

* Easily angered; moody; uncooperative; unnecessarily sensitive.

* Overreaction to criticism.

* Withdrawal from family life.

* Change in personal appearance.

Being referred to the program does not mean a student is labeled in any way.

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