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2024 Work Sessions and Board Meetings will be the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM.  There are no meetings in July. 


227 South Mill Street, St. Clair, PA 17970

By order of the Board
Gerald Kuperavage

Agendas & Minutes


As a part of Saint Clair Area School District’s High School Tuition agreement with the Pottsville Area School District, a committee comprised of administration and board members of both districts was established in 2013 to meet regularly.  This High School committee was established as a forum to maintain healthy communication between our districts.   Through this, SCASD will continue to advocate for the best interests of our students and exercise responsible stewardship for our constituents.

During recent dialogue, the committee proposed an agreement relative to athletic programs offered to Saint Clair Area School District students by Pottsville Area School District.  The Draft agreement covers (i) High School Golf, (ii) High School Tennis, (iii) Junior High programs which have PIAA approved cooperative sponsorships:  cross country, football, girls’ basketball, track & field, and wrestling, and (iv) non-PIAA activity cheerleading.  The DRAFT agreement was approved by the Saint Clair Area School Board of Directors on May 13, 2020 and will be placed on the District’s website.  The Pottsville Area School District will have the agreement on their agenda for June 16, 2020.

The Saint Clair Area School Board of Directors recognizes the benefits of athletic programs to student academic achievement. We recognize that athletic programs are a vital part of nurturing students’ interpersonal skills as well their ability to successfully transition between grade levels.

Saint Clair Area School District approved its budget on June 8, 2022 with no tax increase.

Draft PASD and SCASD Athletic Agreement.pdf
Draft Appendix A.pdf

June Board Meeting Agenda 6.6.24

May Board Meeting Minutes 5.1.24

May Board Meeting Agenda 5.1.24

April Board Meeting Minutes 4.10.24

April Board Meeting Agenda 4.10.24

March Board Meeting Minutes 3.6.24

March Board Meeting Agenda 3.6.24

February Board Meeting Minutes 2.7.24

February Board Meeting Agenda 2.7.24

January Board Meeting Minutes 1.3.24

January Board Meeting Agenda 1.3.24

December Board Meeting Minutes 12.6.23

December Board Meeting Agenda 12.6.23

November Special Voting Board Meeting Minutes 11.15.23

November Special Voting Board Meeting Agenda 11.15.23

November Board Meeting Minutes 11.1.23

November Board Meeting Agenda 11.1.23

October Board Meeting Minutes 10.4.23

October Board Meeting Agenda 10.4.23

September Board Meeting Minutes 9.6.23

September Board Meeting Agenda 9.6.23

August Board Meeting Minutes 8.2.23

August Board Meeting Agenda 8.2.23

June Board Meeting Minutes 8.7.23

June Board Meeting Agenda 6.7.23

May Board Meeting Minutes 5.3.23

May Board Meeting Agenda 5.3.23

April Board Meeting Minutes 4.5.23

April Board Meeting Agenda 4.5.23

March Board Meeting Minutes 3.1.23

March Board Meeting Agenda 3.1.23

February Board Meeting Minutes  2.1.23

February Board Meeting Agenda 2.1.23

January Board Meeting Minutes 1.4.23

January Board Meeting Agenda 1.4.23

December Board Meeting Minutes 12.7.2022

December Board Meeting Agenda 12.7.2022

November Board Meeting Minutes 11.2.22

November Board Meeting Agenda 11.2.2022

October Board Meeting Minutes 10.5.2022

October Board Meeting Agenda 10.5.2022

September Board Meeting Minutes 9.7.2022

September Board Meeting Agenda 9.7.2022

August Board Meeting Minutes 8.3.2022

August Board Meeting Agenda 8.3.2022

June Board Meeting Minutes 6.8.2022

June Board Meeting Agenda 6.8.2022

May Board Meeting Minutes 5.4.2022

May Board Meeting Agenda 5.4.2022

April Board Meeting Minutes 4.6.2022

April Board Meeting Agenda 4.6.2022

March Board Meeting Minutes 3.2.2022

March Board Meeting Agenda 3.2.2022
FebruaryBoard Meeting Minutes 2.2.2022

February Board Meeting Agenda 2.2.2022

January Board Meeting Agenda 1.5.2022

January Board Meeting Minutes 1.5.2022

December Board Meeting Minutes 12.1.2021

December Board Meeting Agenda  12.1.2021

November Board Meeting Minutes 11.3.2021

November Work Session Minutes 11.3.2021

November Board Meeting Agenda 11.3.2021

November Work Session Agenda 11.3.2021

October  Board Meeting Minutes 10.6.2021

October  Work Session Minutes 10.6.2021

October Board Meeting Agenda 10.6.2021

October Work Session Agenda 10.6.2021

September Board Meeting Minutes 9.1.2021

September Board Meeting Agenda 9.1.2021

September Work Session Minutes 9.1.2021
September Work Session Agenda 9.1.2021


August Board Meeting Minutes 8.4.2021

August Work Session Minutes 8.4.2021
August Board Meeting Agenda 8.4.2021

June Special Board Meeting Minutes 6.30.2021

June Special Board Meeting Agenda 6.30.2021


June Board Meeting Minutes 6.2.2021

June Board Meeting Agenda 6.2.2021

June Work Session Minutes 6.2.2021

June Work Session Agenda 6.2.2021


May Board Meeting Minutes 5.5.2021

May Board Meeting Agenda 5.5.2021

May Work Session Minutes 5.5.2021

May Work Session Agenda 5.5.2021


April Board Meeting Minutes 4.7.2021

April Board Meeting Agenda 4.7.2021

April Work Session Minutes 4.7.2021

April Work Session Agenda 4.7.2021

March Board Meeting Minutes 3.3.2021

March Board Meeting Agenda 3.3.2021

March Work Session Minutes 3.3.2021

March Work Session Agenda 3.3.2021


February Board Meeting Minutes 2.3.2021

February Board Meeting Agenda 2.3.2021

February Work Session Minutes 2.3.2021
February Work Session Agenda 2.3.2021

January Board Meeting Minutes 1.6.2021

January Board Meeting Agenda 1.6.2021

January Work Session Minutes 1.6.2021

January Work Session Agenda 1.6.2021

December Board Meeting Minutes 12.2.2020

December Board Meeting Agenda 12.2.2020

November Board Meeting Minutes 11.4.2020

November Board Meeting Agenda 11.4.2020

November Work Session Minutes 11.4.2020

November Work Session Agenda 11.4.2020

October Board Meeting Minutes 10.14.2020

October Board Meeting Agenda 10.14.2020

October Work Session Minutes 10.7.2020

October Work Session Agenda 10.7.2020

September Board Meeting Minutes 9.9.2020

September Board Meeting Agenda 9.9.2020

September Work Session Minutes 9.2.2020

September Work Session Agenda 9.1.2020


August Board Meeting Minutes 8.12.2020

August Board Meeting Agenda 8.12.2020

August Work Session Minutes 8.5.2020

August Work Session Agenda 8.5.2020

July Board Meeting Minutes 7.15.2020

July Board Meeting Agenda 7.15.2020

July Work Session Minutes 7.15.2020

July Work Session Agenda 7.15.2020

June Board Meeting Minutes 6.10.2020

June Board Meeting Agenda 6.10.2020

June Work Session Minutes 6.3.2020

June Work Session Agenda 6.3.2020

May Board Meeting Minutes 5.13.2020

May Board Meeting Agenda 5.13.2020

May Work Session Minutes 5.6.2020

May Work Session Agenda 5.6.2020


April Board Meeting Minutes 4.8.2020

April Board Meeting Agenda 4.8.2020

April Work Session Minutes 4.1.2020 

April Work Session Agenda 4.1.2020


March Board Meeting Minutes 3.11.2020

March Board Meeting Agenda 3.11.2020

March Work Session Minutes 3.4.2020

March Work Session Agenda 3.4.2020


February Board Meeting Minutes 2.12.2020

February Board Meeting Agenda 2.12.2020

February Work Session Minutes 2.5.2020

February Work Session Agenda 2.5.2020


January Board Meeting Minutes 1.15.2020

January Board Meeting Agenda 1.15.2020

January Work Session Minutes 1.8.2020

January Work Session Agenda 1.8.2020


December Board Meeting Minutes 12.4.19

December Board Meeting Agenda 12.4.19


November Work Session Agenda 11.6.19

November Board Meeting Agenda 11.6.19


October Board Meeting Minutes 10.9.19

October Board Meeting Agenda 10.9.19

October Work Session Minutes 10.2.19

October Work Session Agenda 10.2.19


September Board Meeting Minutes 9.11.19

September Board Meeting Agenda 9.11.19

September Work Session Agenda 9.4.19

September Work Session Minutes 9.4.19


August Work Session Agenda 8.7.19

August Work Session Minutes 8.7.19

August Board Meeting Agenda 8.14.19

August Board Meeting Minutes 8.14.19

The Saint Clair Area Board of Education has scheduled the following Finance Committee Meetings:
St. Clair Area Finance Committee
Notice of Meetings
October 2, 2019 @ 5:45 PM
October 9, 2019 @ 5:45 PM
November 6, 2019 @ 5:30 PM
December 4, 2019 @ 5:45 PM
All meetings are held at the Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle School, 227 South Mill Street, St. Clair, PA 17970. 
                                                             By order of the Board
                                                                                 Thomas Kaledas