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Beginning of the School Day

When a student leaves the bus or arrives at school he/she should go directly to the cafeteria if eating breakfast or to the gym if not eating breakfast.  Students should not arrive at school before 8:00 A.M., there will be no supervision of students before this time (8:00 A.M.).  Students are not permitted to go to their lockers or to be on the second floor of the building.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner while waiting for the bell to ring to report to their homerooms.   All students are required to be in their homerooms by 8:22 A.M.

Opening exercises are held as follows:

    Pledge of Allegiance directed by the office public address system

    Check absentees

    Announcements via public address system


8:15 - 8:20    Students dismissed from gym to lockers/homeroom

8:22 - 8:28    All students in homeroom, attendance, announcements

8:30 - 9:12        1st period

9:14 - 9:56      2nd period

9:58 - 10:40    3rd period

10:42 - 11:24    4th period

11:26 - 12:08    5th period

12:10 - 12:52    6th period

12:54 - 1:36       7th period

1:38 - 2:20       8th period

2:22 - 3:04       9th period

3:06 - 3:30       Homeroom/Dismissal

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